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EINSTEIN II - Public Reports

file icon pdf EINSTEIN-II Final Report

file icon pdf D3.2/3.3 Evaluation of Follow-up and Estimation of Energy Saving Potential


EINSTEIN thermal energy audits

(Last update: 06/12/2012)

  • English SUMMARIES of the EINSTEIN thermal-energy audit reports by SECTOR:

Food and Beverages

  • Production and processing of meat products

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_26.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_38.pdf

  • Fish processing

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_08.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_58.pdf

  • Fruit and vegetables processing

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_09.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_16.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_18.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_20.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_35.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_50.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_53.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_64.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_66.pdf

  • Breweries

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_03.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_07.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_11.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_33.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_55.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_65.pdf

  • Manufacture of dairy products

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_44.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_59.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_60.pdf

  • Industrial catering

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_49.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_69.pdf

  • Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_28.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_41.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_43.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_48.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_68.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_72.pdf

  • Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_29.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_71.pdf

Industrial laundries

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_02.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_23.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_24.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_25.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_67.pdf

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_21.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_22.pdf

Plastics industry

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_10.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_19.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_30.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_57.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_63.pdf

Production and treatment of metals

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_04.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_14.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_54.pdf


file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_31.pdf


file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_46.pdf

Manufacture of equipment and furniture

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_32.pdf

Thermal baths (spas)

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_47.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_51.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_52.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_62.pdf


file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_01.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_13.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_34.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_56.pdf

University and school buildings

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_06.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_15.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_36.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_37.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_42.pdf

Offices and other nonresidential buildings

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_05.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_12.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_17.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_39.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_40.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_45.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_61.pdf


Publications about EINSTEIN


Schweiger, Hans / Vannoni, Claudia / Pinedo Pascua, Irene / Facci, Enrico / Baehrens, David / Koch, Marius / Pérez, David  /Lucas Mozetic, Lucas (2011). Evaluación del potencial de la energía solar térmica en el sector industrial , Estudios Técnicos PER 2011-2020, IDAE, Madrid (Spain).

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Brunner, Christoph / Muster, Bettina Muster / Heigl, Eva / Schweiger, Hans / Vannoni, Claudia (2010). EINSTEIN – Expert System for an Intelligent Supply of Thermal Energy in Industry - Audit Methodology and Software Tool, Proceedings Eurosun, October 2010.

Brunner, Christoph / Muster, Bettina Muster / Heigl, Eva / Schweiger, Hans / Vannoni, Claudia (2010). EINSTEIN - Expertensystem spürt systematisch Energie-Einsparpotentiale auf, Energy 2.0- Zukunft Energie, Kompendium 2011, S. 270-272.

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NEW ** EINSTEIN 3.0.03 with Finnish translation **

September 2020: A new EINSTEIN update - Version 3.0.03/3.0.03plus has been released including a new translation of the tool into Finnish.

The EINSTEIN Expert-System Software Tool

The EINSTEIN methodology is supported by an expert system software tool that guides the user through the whole auditing procedure spanning from data acquisition, processing and estimation to the design and quantitative (energetic and economic) evaluation of alternative solutions.