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Comparison between available EINSTEIN versions




EINSTEIN 2.5 plus

Release date

November 2012

December 2016

July 2017

License and pricing

free and open source

free and open source

free 30-day demo

purchase of license required for full version

Support for EINSTEIN Thermal energy audit methodology

full support

full support

full support

Dynamic system simulation module

Base version

Base version

Enhanced simulation module with more than 10x improvement in calculation speed

Time schedules and master control
Base version New editor for time schedules

New editor for time schedules

Master control schedules for equipment

Equipment modules Base version

Heat to power conversion equipment

(steam turbines, ORC, trilateral flash cycle)

Pinch analysis and heat exchanger network design

Base version

Improved data entry for configuration of heat exchanger networks

Improved data entry for configuration of heat exchanger networks

Additional features:

- graphical representation of hot and cold streams and heat exchanger network

- improved algorithm for automatic HX-network design (2 additional modes for exergy optimisation and for minimum heat exchanger size)

Monitoring data

Import and automatic processing of monitoring data

Use of monitoring data as boundary conditions in system simulations

Mass and material flows (production flow chart)


Mass flow network:

- connections of mass flows between process in- and outflows and with raw materials and product data

- graphical editor for mass flow network

Graphical editor
Base version New editor for system block scheme


Base version

Substantially improved by additional systematic testing procedure (set of standard test cases)

Database server MySQL MySQL and SQLite SQLite
Languages EN, BG, CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, PL, SI, SK

EN, BG, CAT (*), CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, PL, SI, SK

(*) up to now only EINSTEIN Audit Report master and EINSTEIN Audit Questionnaire



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The EINSTEIN Expert-System Software Tool

The EINSTEIN methodology is supported by an expert system software tool that guides the user through the whole auditing procedure spanning from data acquisition, processing and estimation to the design and quantitative (energetic and economic) evaluation of alternative solutions.


Training and certification

A standard training programme on the EINSTEIN methodology has been developed. This training programme consists of introductory and advanced training courses, together with the possibility for trainees to carry out a project work and obtain certification as an EINSTEIN energy auditor.