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EINSTEIN Guide for Thermal Energy Audits

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Documentation for the EINSTEIN software tool (user and technical manual; english)


EINSTEIN II - Public Reports

file icon pdf EINSTEIN-II Final Report

file icon pdf D3.2/3.3 Evaluation of Follow-up and Estimation of Energy Saving Potential


EINSTEIN thermal energy audits

(Last update: 06/12/2012)

Food and Beverages

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_26.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_38.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_08.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_58.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_09.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_16.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_18.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_20.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_35.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_50.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_53.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_64.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_66.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_03.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_07.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_11.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_33.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_55.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_65.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_44.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_59.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_60.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_49.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_69.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_28.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_41.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_43.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_48.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_68.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_72.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_29.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_71.pdf

Industrial laundries

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_02.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_23.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_24.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_25.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_67.pdf

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_21.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_22.pdf

Plastics industry

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_10.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_19.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_30.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_57.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_63.pdf

Production and treatment of metals

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_04.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_14.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_54.pdf


file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_31.pdf


file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_46.pdf

Manufacture of equipment and furniture

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_32.pdf

Thermal baths (spas)

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_47.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_51.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_52.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_62.pdf


file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_01.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_13.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_34.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_56.pdf

University and school buildings

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_06.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_15.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_36.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_37.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_42.pdf

Offices and other nonresidential buildings

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_05.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_12.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_17.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_39.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_40.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_45.pdf

file icon pdf EINSTEIN_audit_summaryreport_61.pdf


Publications about EINSTEIN


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