Tool-Kit for Thermal Energy Auditing in Industry and for other large scale applications

Version 2.2 (November 2012)

5. EINSTEIN Translators Kit

You can translate the EINSTEIN Tool-Kit using the EINSTEIN Translators Kit that contains the corresponding instructions and the master documents in English.
If You send us the translated files, we can include Your language as additional language into the official distribution of EINSTEIN.

Instructions for Translators

Master documents for translation:

1. EINSTEIN Standard audit report (Open Office / MS Excel)

2. EINSTEIN Questionnaire (Open Office / MS Excel)

3. EINSTEIN Audit Guide (Open Office / PDF; for a template in MS Word You can use the existing translations in other languages). If you want to translate also the figures and tables, please contact the EINSTEIN developers at info@energyxperts.net for obtaining the originals.

For an update of exisiting translations you can use also the change notes on modifications at successive version upgrades.

4. EINSTEIN Software Tool
For editing and translating the files containing the english text and the translations of the user interface You need to install the poedit software.

File for translations into new languages: EINSTEIN Software Tool User Interface
Or alternatively, for the improvement of existing translations: BG, CAT, CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, PL, SI, SK

- List of NACE codes
- List of  Product codes
- List of Unit Operations