The EINSTEIN audit methodology and tool-kit has been developed in the Framework of the European projects “EINSTEIN (expert-system for an intelligent supply of thermal energy in industry)” and “EINSTEIN-II (expert-system for an intelligent supply of thermal energy in industry and other large scale applications)” with the financial support of the European Commission.

  • EINSTEIN (Contract N°: EIE/07/210/S12.466708, Project Coordinator: Christoph Brunner, Joanneum Research - Institute for Sustainable Techniques and Systems, Austria), 2007-2009.

  • EINSTEIN-II (Contract Nº: IEE/09/702/SI2.558239 .Project Coordinator: Hans Schweiger, energyXperts.NET, Spain), 2010 – 2012.

Parts of this development have furthermore been supported by:

  • the Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain) Departament d’Educació i Universitats. Grants Beatriu de Pinòs No. 2006 BP-B2 0033 and 2007 BP-B2 00012

  • the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation, Project No. DEX-590000-2008-84, 2008

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  • the Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (Austrian society for support to research), Project No. 821907 (“EINSTEIN in Österreich”), 2010

The EINSTEIN Expert-System Software Tool

The EINSTEIN methodology is supported by an expert system software tool that guides the user through the whole auditing procedure spanning from data acquisition, processing and estimation to the design and quantitative (energetic and economic) evaluation of alternative solutions.


Training and certification

A standard training programme on the EINSTEIN methodology has been developed. This training programme consists of introductory and advanced training courses, together with the possibility for trainees to carry out a project work and obtain certification as an EINSTEIN energy auditor.


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