Thermal Energy Audits with EINSTEIN

The national auditing campaigns foreseen in the framework of the project EINSTEIN-II in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland and Luxemburg will address all industrial sectors and other large non-industrial users like hospitals, office buildings and sport centres having an important heat and cold demand and a potential for the energy efficiency improvement.

Why should I join the Einstein audit procedure?

  • If you want your company to reduce operating costs
  • If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy for your company

What are the main steps of the Einstein audit procedure?

  1. Data acquisition and visualization of the status quo
  2. Energy demand reduction through process optimization
  3. Heat recovery through an intelligent combination of heat exchangers, estimated through the pinch analysis
  4. Integration of renewable energy sources and high technology equipment, such assolar heating and cooling,
  • heat pump technologies,
  • CHP systems,
  • efficient boilers and burners,
  • efficient cooling and air condition
  • efficient heating and cooling supply to buildings

Click here for more detail information on the thermal energy audits in your company and about two performed case studies.

Click here to download the summaries in ENGLISH of some thermal-energy audits performed with EINSTEIN. In the download area the EINSTEIN audit summaries are also available individually by SECTOR.

Click here in order to get an overview of the results of the EINSTEIN II thermal-energy campaign in terms of primary energy savings, potential savings of CO2 emissions and total energy costs, etc.

How can I apply for a thermal energy audit?

Click here

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NEW ** EINSTEIN 3.0.03 with Finnish translation **

September 2020: A new EINSTEIN update - Version 3.0.03/3.0.03plus has been released including a new translation of the tool into Finnish.

The EINSTEIN Expert-System Software Tool

The EINSTEIN methodology is supported by an expert system software tool that guides the user through the whole auditing procedure spanning from data acquisition, processing and estimation to the design and quantitative (energetic and economic) evaluation of alternative solutions.