EINSTEIN Users & Developers Days

For optimising thermal energy supply in industry and other large scale heat and cold consumers, such as buildings in the service sector (hospitals, hotels, sports centres, etc.), a holistic integral approach is required that includes possibilities of demand reduction by heat recovery and process integration, and by an intelligent combination of efficient heat and cold supply technologies.

EINSTEIN (Expert System for an Intelligent Supply of Thermal Energy in Industry and other large-scale applications) is a tool-kit for fast and high quality thermal energy audits in industry, composed by an audit guide describing the thermal energy audit methodology and by a software tool that guides the auditor through all the audit steps.

In the Framework of a the European (IEE-) project EINSTEIN-II, started in July 2010, the EINSTEIN tool-kit has been further developed and applied in 72 new energy audits around Europe.

The EINSTEIN methodology and the expert system software tool are available as a free and open source software project. Further development of EINSTEIN and complementary modules is intended to be carried out as community development, collecting contributions and feed-back from companies, research institutes and individuals working in the field of thermal energy auditing.

By organising the EINSTEIN Users & Developers Day it is intended to bring together both already active and potentially new users and developers of EINSTEIN:

  • developers can present and discuss new features and plan new activities
  • users can present and exchange experiences about the EINSTEIN methodology in practice

  • energy auditors and other persons interested in thermal energy auditing can present their activities, tools, ... and possible links and exchange with the EINSTEIN community


EINSTEIN users' contributions:

  • Energy audits in industry – case studies carried out with EINSTEIN or similar tools

  • Energy audits in buildings and in the service sector – case studies carried out with EINSTEIN or similar tools

  • Energy audit methodologies – standardisation and quality issues

  • Heat and cold supply technologies: systems, concepts and criteria for pre-design

  • Other related issues (public audit campaigns and potential studies supported by EINSTEIN, etc.)

EINSTEIN developers' contributions:

  • Improvement and/or development of modules and complements for the EINSTEIN software tool

  • Links of EINSTEIN to other software tools

EINSTEIN Users & Developers Day 2012 - 30.05.2012 Brussels

Date : 30th May 2012, Brussels (Belgium)

Organization: West Midlands European Centre


Presentation online at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/west-midlands-european-centre


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