No.7 - September 2011

Welcome to the seventh edition of the EINSTEIN newsletter.

Including a wealth of information, from latest news to up and coming releases, your one-stop-shop for EINSTEIN-II project activities.

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EINSTEIN II trainers have passed a busy Spring 2011

Workshop on Standardization for Energy Audits - Vienna

EINSTEIN Users & Developers Day 2012

EINSTEIN Community Development - Themes for Diploma and Ph.D. Thesis

EINSTEIN II - results from the first audit

Stable Release of EINSTEIN version 2.0

Latest News

EINSTEIN Audit Guide Version 2.0 - preliminary edition

An preliminary edition of the Version 2.0 of the EINSTEIN audit guide is now publicly available. The guide has been adapted to the increased potentiality of the new EINSTEIN tool (extension to cooling and buildings).

Currently we are still working on an update of Chapter 4 of the Guide (Examples) and once finished the final version of Audit Guide 2.0 will be released in autumn 2011.

The guide can be downloaded from under Tool-Kit/EINSTEIN Audit Guide.

EINSTEIN – Advanced training courses

From 16th of October to 21st of December two-day advanced training courses will be organised in 10 different European countries partners of the EINSTEIN-II project (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Spain, UK). Those courses form part of the training programme being absolved by nearly 200 energy auditors across Europe.

Nevertheless, in some countries there are free places open for persons who already have experience in working with EINSTEIN. Assistants to the advanced training courses should elaborate an own project work with EINSTEIN, and in case of successful development will obtain the EINSTEIN auditors' certificate.

For further information contact Eileen O'Leary (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!) or your national EINSTEIN-II partner organis

EINSTEIN user and download statistics

Since its generation until 31.07.2011, more than 8337 downloads of the EINSTEIN software tool have been counted in more than 60 countries worldwide. Since the EINSTEIN II project more than 3000 downloads have been counted. While during EINSTEIN-I, almost 75 % of downloads were focused in Spain, since EINSTEIN-II running new countries increased their share, especially Germany, France, Italy and Austria. 74 % of last year downloads are in the EINSTEIN-II countries.

Evolution of downloads of EINSTEIN Software tool since February 2010 by countries (further details available at

The number of registered EINSTEIN users increased from 37 (end of EINSTEIN-I) to 92, and 378 persons are registered to the EINSTEIN-news mailing list, receiving the EINSTEIN newsletter and periodic updates on EINSTEIN.


Conference "Smart Production - Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in production companies"

Graz (Austria) - 20th October 2011

Smart Production - Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in production companies The Austrian Energy agency and AEE INTEC are organizing within EINSTEIN an expert conference on Smart Production on 20 October 2011 in Graz.

This conference summarizes results of EINSTEIN Audits and give detailed technical information on how to make heat production and consumption in industrial companies more sustainable.

In addition companies from the metal and food sector provide information on their strategy to save energy.

The conference language is German.

Link to the conference.


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EINSTEIN II trainers have passed a busy Spring 2011

194 people across 10 countries have participated in the introductory EINSTEIN II training courses. EINSTEIN II is a methodology and software tool which looks at the thermal energy use of a site in a holistic fashion – first trying to optimise processes, then evaluating heat recovery potential, followed by optimising heating and cooling supply equipment as well as an assessment of a number of renewable thermal energy supply options. Participants in the training sessions ranged from energy auditing consultants wishing to further expand their expertise into the area of thermal energy auditing to energy managers for large multi-nationals looking for tools to assist thermal energy mapping and optimisation of their sites. In the autumn, a series of advanced training courses will be carried out across the EU.

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Workshop on Standardization for Energy Audits - Vienna

EINSTEIN II invited everyone interested in energy audits to its Workshop "Standardization for Energy Audits" held in Vienna on 2011-07-06. The Workshop was expected to intensify the exchange of information and knowledge on standards development in energy audits as seen by industry, end users, developers of tools and standardisers and to define which results of the project EINSTEIN II could be transferred to standardization and how.

Presentation were given on the project itself, as well as on its goals and the methodology and tools developed. Standardization was looked at from different perspectives as standards already exist at national, European and international level or are under preparation. This information was the background for an intense discussions of the standardization opportunities, potentials and activities of the project.

As a result since then, the project has started connecting to existing standardization activities; it will contribute to relevant existing standardization activities and will propose the development of a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) on an Integrated Approach on Energy Audits. The business plan for the CWA is under development and shall be publicly available in the near future at

The presentations and further information about the workshop can be found at and -> current projects.

If you are interested in being kept up-to-date on standardization in EINSTEIN, use the information request form on either site.
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EINSTEIN Users & Developers Day 2012

Date and place of venue of the event: 30th May 2012, Brussels (Belgium)

By organising the EINSTEIN Users & Developers Day it is intended to bring together both already active and potentially new users and developers of EINSTEIN:

  • users can present and exchange experiences about the EINSTEIN methodology in practice
  • energy auditors and other persons interested in thermal energy auditing can present their activities, tools, ... and possible links and exchange with the EINSTEIN community
  • developers can present and discuss new features and plan new activities


EINSTEIN users' contributions:

  • Energy audits in industry – case studies carried out with EINSTEIN or similar tools.
  • Energy audits in buildings and in the service sector – case studies carried out with EINSTEIN or similar tools
  • Energy audit methodologies – standardisation and quality issues
  • Heat and cold supply technologies: systems, concepts and criteria for pre-design
  • Other related issues (public audit campaigns and potential studies supported by EINSTEIN, etc.)

EINSTEIN developers' contributions:

  • Improvement and/or development of modules and complements for the EINSTEIN software tool
  • Links of EINSTEIN to other software tools

For receiving up-to-date information, please sign up for the EINSTEIN newsletter on our website and/or send an e-mail expressing your interest in the Users and Developers day to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

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EINSTEIN Community Development - Themes for Diploma and Ph.D. Thesis

EINSTEIN is conceived as a free and open source development, and, therefore, we are very interested in possible collaborations from outside of the stable development group.

Especially we are interested in a collaboration with students and teachers of universities and public research institutes or other non-profit organisations in the framework of diploma and Ph.D. Thesis. The EINSTEIN group can offer a co-tutorial and themes for possible contributions, such as e.g. projects in the fields of:

Energy engineering:

  • Improvement of calculation modules and data bases for specific technologies (CHP, solar thermal, biomass, boilers and burners, heat pumps, cooling and refrigeration, etc.)

Process engineering:

  • Testing and improvement of models for specific industrial processes (e.g. drying, distillation, …).

Energy in buildings:

  • Testing and improvement of energy models for buildings

Mathematics and numerical methods:

  • Improvement of algorithm for consistency checking of complex data sets and data estimation
  • Learning algorithm based on accumulated experience (data sets)
  • Improvement of algorithm for dynamic system simulation

Programming tasks:

  • Improvement of graphical user interface
  • Improvement of data base handling / data base sharing

In case you are interested to develop a project work and contribute to the EINSTEIN development, contact the EINSTEIN developers group at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

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EINSTEIN II - results of the first audit round

By the end of July 2011 the first round of audits have been completed by all partners.
AEE  INTEC as leader of work package 3 has therefore finished 4 audits in Austria, the UK and Bulgaria based on the data acquisition performed during the introductory courses and further contact to the companies supported by the local partners. The companies examined have been a brewery, a metal treatment company, a data centre and a secondary school. Generally, saving potentials could be detected in all sectors. In accordance with the companies several alternative proposals have been discussed including process optimisation, heat exchanger networks and the supply of energy by the use of renewable energy (solar thermal, CHP, etc.).

Comparison of the primary energy consumption (PEC) in the present state and the proposal and tons of CO2 savings per year.

For all four audits savings of primary energy of more than 13,964 MWh could be achieved leading to a reduction of CO2 emissions of 2,304 tons/a. The results of the audits will be presented during the advanced trainings in November and December 2011. By the end of November 2011 72 audits will be finished in all 10 partner countries expecting further savings of primary energy and CO2 emissions as well as investments in the supply of energy and heat recovery.

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Stable Release EINSTEIN Version 2.0

The stable release of EINSTEIN 2.0 is now available. This major release contains several new fundamental features and a higher simulation speed than previous versions. With respect to the beta-Versions published since March 2011 a significant improve in stability has been obtained.

Since Version 1.2 the following major features have been introduced :

  • the integration of buildings as entities with energy demands
  • a new, detailed heat recovery model that is implemented in python replacing the old c# based “MS windows only” solution
  • processes with cooling demands and the corresponding equipment to generate cold
  • the possibility to model processes with multiple inflowing and outflowing media

And the following improvements were made:

  • French, Bulgarian and Slovakian as a new languages for the GUI and the report generation
  • a finer grained simulation of the covering of energy demands that takes the user defined connections between energy sources and sinks into account
  • higher stability by fixing GUI bugs that led to freezes of the whole application
  • a simple overview window to see the interconnections of equipments, pipes and processes („system connections“)
  • and a lot of the usual small and not so small bug fixes

Screenshot of the new system connection editor with energy flows in MWh (simplified model of a brewery).

The Software EINSTEIN 2.0 can be downloaded from There you can find an installer executable for MS Windows that offers a simple and quick installation:

EINSTEIN_2.0-Installer.exe: a bundle installer for MS-Windows 7, Vista and XP that contains not only EINSTEIN but the MySQL server, a Python environment and all dependencies in one installer.

As an alternative a source only archive is offered which is tested to work cross platform on MS Windows, OS X and Linux: is only EINSTEIN. If you’re comfortable with setting up the data base and providing the necessary Python environment by yourself, this variant offers the smallest download size. It is also the most sensible choice for users on a different computing platform than MS-Windows.

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