Representative Event Name Place Date Themes
AEE National Workshop EINSTEIN workshop Attnang-Puchheim 26th of January 2011 Presentation within another national project
AEA National Workshop Klimaschutzmesse Salzburg 1st of April 2011 Energy saving methods in laundries
WMEC EUSEW 5R Hero Launch Xenia Tsitiridou Brussels 12th of April 2011 Not a presentation but a mention - also presentation of leaflets. Conference of 40 people
WMEC EUSEW Smart Spesialisation ERRIN event Xenia Tsitiridou Brussels 14th of April 2011 Not a presentation but an intervention - also presentation of leaflets. Conference of 100 stakeholders
WMEC National Workshop Xenia Tsitiridou Nutfield, UK 25th of November 2011 The Green Brewery - Pathways to a zero fossil CO2 beer production
CCI DROME National Workshop POLLUTEC Lyon
Fair global reference for environmental professionals, it gathers all the techniques for preventing and treatment of pollution of all kinds and more generally for the preservation of the environment and the implementation of sustainable development)
CCI DROME National Workshop ENERGAIA Nice
International Renewable Energies Exhibition - Key sector-wide appointment: Solar thermal - Solar photovoltaic - Wind energy - Wood energy - Geothermal - Biofuels - Hydraulic - Fuel cells - Biomass - Green Building - Energy efficiency...
CCI DROME National Workshop

Innovation events in relationship with competitiveness clusters on target sectors (food industry, chemistry, mechanics, plastics processing…)
Tecnicoalimenti National Workshop SolarEXPO Exibition Verona 4th of May 2011 Presentation of Einstein II
CRP HENRI TUDOR National Workshop Conference on "Heat recovery in buildings" Luxembourg 19th of May 2011
Not a specific EINSTEIN workshop but presentation during a conference
COCIM National Workshop National Conference Madrid 13th of December 2010 The Conference aimed to achieve 3 main objectives:
 • Disseminate the policy on energy efficiency, with presentation of the latest legislative proposals for cogeneration, and energy plans and aid from the Madrid Community for companies to improve their energy efficiency.
 • Raise awareness of the importance and the advantages gained in conducting energy audits and the use of energy saving technology. State the benefits of standardization.
 • Describe the actions to be carried out within the EINSTEIN Project II.
DIN National Workshop Trends Analysis Workshop Vienna 6th of July 2011 A Trends Analysis Workshop on Standardization for Energy Audits took place July 6, 2011 in Vienna. It was organized in the framework of EINSTEIN II by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) with the aim to assess the current state-of-the-art in standards relevant to energy audits, identify gaps and potentials of future standardization.
SCPC National Workshop
Bratislava, Slovak Republic 5th of April 2011 Presentation of EINSTEIN II tool and methodology on a Seminar on energy efficiency in industry. Seminar was held in the premises of the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with BIC, Proventus n.o. and Ministry of Economy.
SCPC National Workshop Intelligent Energy´´- Europe II (IEEII) Day Bratislava 11th of March 2011 Contribution to a workshop: Options to support project in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and alternative fuels.
ZAB Information sessions Berliner Energietage Berlin May 2011 Presentation of the EINSTEIN II project
ZAB Information sessions Green Ventures 2011
15th-17th of June 2011



National Workshop National Conference Madrid 13th of December 2010